Icon for White Spots


Icon for white spots is a revolutionary technology used to penetrate lesions on teeth without any invasive procedure.

How Do White Spots Occur
White spots occur when tooth enamel begins to frost. It is considered the earliest form of tooth decay. Plaque and other acids, mostly caused by food and drink, start to cause tooth enamel to erode. It then dissolves the enamel creating a rough surface at a microscopic level. Once white spots have formed they soon begin to capture stains from food and drink, causing brown and yellow spots. White spots can develop over time due to other reasons such as trauma to the tooth (hypoplasia), too much fluoride (fluorosis), and the dissolving of important minerals in a tooth (decalcification). Plaque build-up, which causes decalcification is often times the reason why children develop white spot lesions during their orthodontic treatment.

Older Methods of Treatment
Previous treatments for white spots included fluoride pressure that did not guarantee the white spots to go away. Another older treatment procedure only occurred after the white spots completely deteriorated the teeth and that included drilling and filling holes in the teeth. Recently, new technology called Icon has changed the way dental professionals treat white spots.

Icon for White Spots
Icon is a “State-of-the-Art” product that allows us to treat and remove white spots that have developed on teeth. The painless and noninvasive procedure involves penetrating any white spots with a fluid that removes the spots. Icon for white spots is performed without the use of a drill or anesthesia and can typically be done in one visit. Instead of letting the white spot deteriorate even more, Icon can be used in the early stages of white spot growth.

For proximal lesions, teeth are separated slightly with a special dental wedge. Then a 15% HCl gel opens the pores of the white spot and tooth. After the tooth is dried with ethanol, Icon then works to penetrate the pores, removing the unwanted white spots. Finally, the tooth is light cured. This whole process only takes about 15 minutes.

This amazing product serves a dual purpose, in that it can also be used to stop the progression of a cavity while it’s in an early stage. To read more about treatment for early-stage cavities, see Icon for Early Cavities on our Preventative & Diagnostic Services page.

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