IV Sedation


IV sedation dentistry can provide patients with a more-relaxing dental treatment through the aid of fast-acting intravenous medicines. As a result, higher-quality dental work on “dental phobic” patients is possible in a stress-free environment.

IV sedation or “twilight sedation” eliminates patient anxiety and pain almost immediately through administering a moderate sedative. Contrary to popular belief, patients are not unconscious during the procedure. They drift in and out of sleep in what is called “twilight sleep.” Patients still can answer questions, accommodate requests and take direction.

In IV sedation,medication is delivered intravenously with a drip much like those used in hospitals. A tiny needle is placed in either the top of the hand or near the inner elbow.The quick-acting medicine can be easily adjusted for patient comfort. In IV sedation, our goal is always to protect our patients’ health by using as little medication as possible.

IV sedation treatment is very effective for patients with a sensitive gag reflex or those who have difficulty sitting at length in a dental chair. The sedatives that are used are non-narcotic, anti-anxiety medications.

Patients are required not to eat or drink for eight hours prior to their IV sedation appointment. Once they arrive and until they leave, patients are in the care of members of our trained dental staff. As a precaution, patients are required to have a friend or relative accompany them home. Patients often remember little to nothing of the appointment the following day.

During the entire appointment, we closely monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, oxygen level and pulse. Among other things, we closely watch patients’ positioning to keep air pathways open and accessible.

Patients should not drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after the procedure. Recovery time varies with each patient but alertness should increase almost immediately following the appointment. Dental patients should sleep and drink lots of water or liquids for the rest of the day. Nausea is common and can be treated with a prescription.

IV sedation is covered in part or in full by some major dental insurance plans. Check with your provider today before scheduling an appointment for IV sedation.

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