Fastbraces provides a fast, safe and affordable solution to straighten your teeth. Fastbraces Technology allows for the movement of the roots of teeth after the very first appointment and implementation. In about a year, or in some cases a few months, Fastbraces patients can see positive results and provide you with straighter, better looking teeth.

Traditional braces usually take two years or more for proper teeth alignment. However, with Fastbraces, you can treat teeth alignment in half that time. In the first year, traditional braces move the crowns of the teeth. Not until the second year is the root of the teeth actually moved. Fastbraces use innovative brackets and a heat-activated titanium wire to decrease the amount of time needed to move the root and improve speed on teeth alignment. Instead of square brackets like traditional braces, Fastbraces have triangular brackets that bond to the teeth. These brackets have an elevated slot and elbows. The elbows give tipping forces to move the root almost immediately. The square titanium wire goes into the slot. Since it is elevated, the wire has the ability to be more flexible and enhance its capabilities. Some patients have seen results in as little as six months.

Our Fastbraces Services

Fastbraces can treat many types of cases of teeth misalignment, including crowding, open bite, high canines, over bite, crossbites and spacing issues. The staff at Meadowbrook Dental Care can help you determine how long Fastbraces teeth alignment treatment will take, and inform you about this incredible process.

fastbraces-300x300Once you choose Fastbraces for you or your child, a customized treatment plan is created for your teeth. Your dentist will take radiographs and pictures of your teeth to customize your treatment plan to provide the best possible treatment service for the individual makeup of your teeth. We can’t promise miracles, but Fastbraces are designed different to provide quick, effective teeth straightening.

After your Fastbraces treatment is completed, your dentist may recommend that you wear a retainer every night while you sleep (“Teeth Pajamas”) or just in the shower for 15 to 20 minutes every day (“Tooth Shampoo”).

You and your teens no longer have to suffer through the pain and long-term treatment and maintenance of traditional braces. Meadowbrook Dental Care offers the most innovative and efficient teeth alignment methods at low risk, pain and cost. Meadowbrook Dental Care is proud to service teeth alignment methods on Long Island. If you are interested, please feel free to call us at 516-272-4280 and set up a consultation.