teeth-whitening-1Brighten your smile with teeth whitening! A great teeth whitening can help you gain your self-confidence back. Are you planning a wedding or attending a special event? Our teeth whitening services will help it make the special day that much more perfect. No matter what the occasion, let us give you a bright white smile with our teeth whitening services.
At Meadowbrook Dental Care, we like to accommodate each of our clients. Not every patient is the same, that’s why we customize each procedure. We have created the Brighten Your Smile Menu to ensure you have the procedure that’s right for you.
The menu consists of all of the different teeth whitening service options that we offer from take-home kits, to in-office whitening, to On-the-Go Touch-Ups. It also features information about our custom Whitening for Life Program, which provides you with the tools maintain whiter, brighter teeth for years down the road. Check out a summary of our menu below;

Level 1
Venus White Ultra is a convenient and quick 7 day method of using trays pre-filled with a gel. The thin tray and gel mold to your teeth so you barely know they are on. The best part about this treatment is you can take it home!

Level 2
Venus White Max is a fast in-office method for teeth whitening. If you are in a hurry for bright white teeth, then Venus White Max is just what you need. One visit will dramatically change the color of your teeth. Following the whitening, you will be sent home with custom-fitted trays.

Level 3
The Philips Zoom! is our most professional-grade teeth whitening treatment. In one visit the LED light will whiten your teeth drastically. You will also go home with custom-fitted trays, a tube of whitening gel and a tube of relief gel.

teeth-whitening-21-266x300Home or On the Go Touch Ups
Meadowbrook Dental Care offers Chic Flic Whitening Pen/Lip Plumper Duo, Whitening Pen and Whitening Gel from Whiter Image Dental.

Whitening for Life Program
Our Whitening for Life Program is something you can’t miss. For a one-time enrollment fee, we’ll send you custom-fitted trays and 3 tubes of Venus Pro Whitening Gel. For every reserved hygiene appointment you keep, you will receive 2 additional tubes of whitening gel.

We hope to brighten up your day with your smile! For more information, pricing and requirements for our Brighten Your Smile Menu please click here. Or contact Meadowbrook Dental Care at 516-272-4280 or stop by our location in Mineola, Long Island and ask about our teeth whitening options.