Tooth Sensitivity


Tooth Sensitivity is a common dental health problem that many people suffer from. The pain and discomfort can vary depending on how serious of a case you have. At Meadowbrook Dental Care, we offer in-office and take-home treatments so you know longer have to suffer from tooth sensitivity. Ignoring sensitivity of the tooth can cause further damage to your dental health, such as tooth decay. So, don’t try to stand the pain thinking it might go away by ignoring the pain. Meadowbrook Dental Care can treat your tooth sensitivity and prevent any damage that could result from it.
Tooth Sensitivity pain occurs while eating, drinking, brushing or flossing. You can feel little twinges of pain or discomfort, that in time can become more painful. In order to treat tooth sensitivity, it is important to understand where it comes from.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Dentin covers canals that lead to the nerves. So when enamel is lost or gums recede from the teeth, the dentin is disturbed.

If you brush your teeth too hard or use a rougher bristled toothbrush, you can brush away protective layers on your teeth. This leaves exposed canals that lead to dental nerves and anything that touches these nerves will cause discomfort.

• Eating or drinking anything acidic can hit exposed nerves.
• Excessive use of mouthwash can make your teeth more sensitive from alcohol and chemicals.
• Gingivitis or periodontitis can cause Tooth Sensitivity.
• Dental procedures like tooth extraction or root canal can leave teeth sensitive for a short period of time.
• A cracked tooth leaves nerves exposed and can cause the tooth’s root to die. Taking care of this issue as soon as possible is essential to maintain the proper health of your teeth and gums.If you grind your teeth, enamel can wear down, which is essential to the strength of your teeth.

How Can We Treat Tooth Sensitivity?

At Meadowbrook Dental Care, we recommend our patients come in for a professional examination to determine what treatment is needed to combat and mitigate tooth sensitivity. We can run tests to determine the severity and find out what causes Tooth Sensitivity. Our procedures range from in-office to take-home.

In-Office Tooth Sensitivity Procedures

• Fluoride varnish will strengthen enamel.
• Fluoride gel can be placed in a mouth tray. The tray will then be placed in the patient’s mouth for 3-5 minutes. The high concentration of fluoride gel will quickly strengthen enamel.
• A bonding agent can be used as a barrier to protect exposed dentin.
• Other procedures may be needed if Tooth Sensitivity is caused by Gingivitis, Periodontitis or any other health issues.

At-Home Tooth Sensitivity Procedures

• Brushing lightly with a soft bristle brush and gentle flossing
• Use a toothpaste specially formulated for Tooth Sensitivity.
• Use a toothpaste with high concentration of fluoride prescribed by our staff at Meadowbrook Dental Care.

Tooth Sensitivity can be easily combated with these procedures. At Meadowbrook Dental Care,we are proud to provide Tooth Sensitivity treatment at our location in Mineola, Long Island.

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