1. Getting Smart About Wisdom Teeth

    Why is something so sagely named such a dental problem? For most people, wisdom teeth won’t bring more knowledge, but they will definitely bring a hearty dose of pain, discomfort, and a trip to the dentist’s chair. So what’s the deal with wisdom teeth? Read on to learn more, and what to do when these teeth make their presence known. Origins of Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth are your third set of …Read More

  2. Keep Your Teeth Healthy! Great Tips For Dental Success!

    We all want healthy teeth, a bright smile, and fewer trips to the dentist’s chair. How can you make sure you are doing the right things for your teeth? Read on to learn some great tips for dental success! Brush Your Teeth Okay, this one is obvious, right? But if you read our last blog, not only do many Americans not brush regularly, they aren’t brushing right! A soft bristled toothbrush, held …Read More

  3. Are You Making These Common Toothbrushing Mistakes?

    Brushing your teeth should be fairly straightforward, right? Toothbrush, toothpaste, teeth, and...done? Turns out, there are some really common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth that can compromise their dental health. With more than 90 percent of people experiencing dental decay at some point in their lives, proper brushing is essential. Find out if you are making any of these mistak…Read More

  4. Discover the Pinhole® Surgical Technique!

    Meadowbrook Dental Care is proud to offer a cutting-edge technology that can help with the treatment of gum disease. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST) is a non-surgical way to address the complications of gum disease, and is easier, less painful, and has a quicker recovery time than traditional measures. Read on to learn more about gum disease, how it has been treated in the past, and wh…Read More

  5. Have You Considered Veneers?

    If you are looking for a cosmetic solution for your dental problems, veneers might be the answer! Many people have never heard of veneers, and don’t know about this non-invasive solution to chips, stains, and more. While you might stay up to date with your dental checkups, talking to your dentist about veneers might be what you need to bring back your confidence and your bright smile. Read on to…Read More

  6. The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

    Going to the dentist regularly ensures that your teeth, mouth, and gums are healthy and that any potential problems in your mouth are identified early. Keeping up with your dental checkups is essential for your oral, and overall, health. Read on to see why your regular dental exams are so important. Cleanings An annual cleaning is important even for the most diligent brushers. A dental cleaning re…Read More

  7. The Enemies of Your Teeth

    Your teeth may seem indestructible, but there are many enemies waiting to destroy their enamel and cause decay. Daily habits can lead to teeth that are weak and susceptible to cavities or worse. If you want to keep your teeth healthy for years to come, you need to know about the enemies that can damage your oral health. At Meadowbrook Dental Care in Mineola, we want to partner with you to maintain…Read More

  8. How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Smile Again!

    A radiant smile can boost your confidence and give your whole face a glow and energy that may be masked by broken, chipped or yellowed teeth. Meadowbrook Dental Care in Mineola wants to help you achieve your best smile, and our Beautiful Smile Makeover will assess your teeth and smile, and see what cosmetic steps can be taken. Veneers, whitening, Invisalign®, fastbraces and Icon are all options o…Read More

  9. Help Your Kids Love to Brush Their Teeth!

    If you are struggling to get your kids to brush their teeth, and brush them well, don’t despair! Fighting with a crying child who hates brushing their teeth makes everyone miserable, and those pearly whites don’t get clean! Read on for some tips on how to help your kids love to brush their teeth, so that they can build a good foundation for dental health into adulthood. Buy a Fun Toothbrush Ma…Read More

  10. Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

    Why Dental Hygiene Is Important When it comes to maintaining personal health, dental care is one of the most important practices to consider. Maintaining dental hygiene can have serious effects for your health, and reiterates why it is important to do so. At Meadowbrook Dental Care in Mineola, we offer expert dental services as we understand that the key to having a healthy mouth is maintaining pr…Read More