Just In Time for Halloween: Scary Dental Statistics

October 31, 2023

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A woman hearing some scary dental statistics in a nightmare about a dentist

Have you ever looked at all the conditions and diseases that could be in your mouth right now? Some of them are enough to give even Stephen King the heebie jeebies. What’s even more frightening is how common some of the more insidious oral health nightmares like gum disease and cavities are.

If you’re looking for a fright for Halloween night, continue reading to discover some truly spooky statistics.

91 Percent of Adults Have Cavities

91 percent is a staggering number on its own but given that 27 percent of those cases involve severe tooth decay, it’s a huge problem. Tooth decay is caused by bacterial plaque that slowly releases acid as it feeds on stray food particles.

This acid erodes enamel over time, leaving behind small brown holes in the surface of the tooth. With brushing and flossing, you can significantly improve your chances to not be part of this statistic.

Over 47 Percent of Adults Have Some Form of Periodontal Disease

Half of the adult population having gum disease is a shock, especially because it’s almost entirely preventable. Periodontal disease is linked with all kinds of oral and physical health conditions such as lost teeth, halitosis, and even heart disease.

The puffy, red, and bleeding gums can be avoided with a regular oral care routine to stop bacteria from growing in the pits between your teeth and gums.

17 Percent of Children, and 37 Percent of Adults Don’t Visit the Dentist

Regular dental checkups including screenings and cleaning are an essential part of keeping your oral health in check. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly one in six children and one in three adults doesn’t visit the dentist annually.

Cost is the Number 1 Reason People Don’t Visit the Dentist

With nearly 45 million Americans who don’t have or can’t afford dental insurance, the cost is the main reason adults cite as to why they don’t go to the dentist.

While this is understandable, many dental offices now offer ways to finance your treatment through them or a trusted third-party program like CareCredit, Sunbit, Cherry, and Proceed.

This can really make the difference between getting the care you need and suffering from pain, discomfort, or additional dental woes down the road.

Some of these statistics are frightening, but you don’t need to be a part of them. Cleaning your teeth regularly and visiting your dentist at least twice per year can go a long way in safeguarding your oral health and ensuring that you can engage in Halloween fun for years to come.

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