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Dental Implants – Mineola, NY

Get Your Teeth Back. Forever.

If you’re tired of having to work around your missing teeth every day, or you’re frustrated with an uncomfortable denture that causes more problems than it solves, then dental implants from our Mineola, NY dentist may just be the solution you have been waiting for. These offer the next best thing to natural teeth, and at Meadowbrook Dental Care, our team is able to provide every part of the implant procedure in-house so that rebuilding your smile is easy, convenient, and guaranteed to deliver a result you’ll love. 

Why Choose Meadowbrook Dental Care for Dental Implants?

  • All-Inclusive Dental Implant Care
  • Soothing Sedation Options
  • Custom-Designed Treatment for Each Patient

What are Dental Implants?

Three dental implant supported dental crowns

When a tooth goes missing, it’s not just the visible crown that disappears, but the root structure below the gum line as well. A dental implant replaces this root using a small titanium post that is positioned within the jawbone. There, it melds with the adjacent bone, and then it can be topped with a restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture, essentially bringing back the entire tooth.

The Dental Implant Process

Diagram of an integrated dental implant in Mineola

Dr. Casanas holds specialized training specifically for dental implant placement and restoration, allowing him to complete every step of treatment all under one roof. He’s happy to break down each step of treatment to you directly so you can feel comfortable ahead of your surgery. Dental implants are pretty straightforward, but they do require multiple steps to complete. Ahead of your initial consultation, we encourage you to learn more about how dental implants work in Mineola below!

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

Patient smiling while learning how dental implants work in Mineola

Before you can begin treatment, you’ll need to complete a dedicated dental implant consultation ahead of time so we can determine your eligibility. At this initial visit, our team will examine your mouth, discuss your replacement options, and let you know if dental implants would be a good fit for you. In some cases, bone grafts, sinus lifts, tooth extractions, gum disease therapy, or another preparatory treatment may be needed beforehand. These services can prolong the length of the treatment process but are essential to ensuring the most successful outcome possible.

Dental Implant Surgery

Implant dentist in Mineola and assistant performing surgery

Once you are approved for dental implants, Dr. Casañas will surgically place your new roots into your jawbone. To place the implants, he administers an anesthetic directly into the gum tissue as well as areas nearby the gap in your smile to ensure no sensations are felt during surgery. Then, a small incision is created in the gum tissue in order to access the bone. Next, a tiny hole is created for the implant to fit inside of, then the implant is placed. Finally, the gum tissue is stitched closed so it can begin to heal. While a single implant can take an hour or so to place, replacing multiple implants at a time will further extend the length of your surgery.

Dental Implant Osseointegration & Abutment

Diagram highlighting components of a dental implant in Mineola

The implant is made from titanium, which is a biocompatible material designed to fuse with organic structures within the body. However, it will still take 3-6 months for your prosthetic root to attach to your jawbone. During this time, you’ll wear temporary teeth to keep the gap closed, especially if you are replacing teeth visible in your smile. When the implant has finished the osseointegration process, you’ll come back to our office to have an abutment attached. This connector is meant to give the permanent restoration the foundation it needs to remain stable for decades to come.

Delivery of Dental Restoration(s)

Woman smiling at her implant dentist in Mineola

When your mouth is ready, you’ll return to our dental office to have your new teeth attached to your implants. The restoration is created using our digital impression system, a dental technology that captures pictures of your mouth and uses them to create a 3D model. This model is the blueprint for your future restoration, ensuring it fits comfortably, keeps the bite even, and looks incredibly natural. The restorations are made from materials that are not only designed to look lifelike, but blend in with existing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Man smiling after dental implant tooth replacement

  • Security: Implants are extremely stable because they are held within thick bone just like real teeth.
  • Beauty: With implants, no one will be able to tell that you have artificial teeth because your new ones won’t have any obvious attachments that are needed to keep them in place. To a casual observer, they’ll only see a beautiful smile.
  • Strength: All of your chewing strength will be restored with implants, allowing you to eat whatever you like.
  • Bone Preservation: Bone loss is common after tooth loss, but implants actively prevent this so that your face maintains a healthy, youthful shape.
  • Durable: Dental implants have an impressive 30+ year lifespan (compared to the 7–10-year average for regular bridges/dentures).

Who Can Dental Implants Help?

Man considering dental implant tooth replacement

One of the best parts about dental implants is that they are so versatile. Whether you are missing a single tooth, all of them, or a number in between, our team can design a solution to perfectly suit your situation. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll discuss which of the following options offers the most direct way to help you reclaim a complete smile:

Animated smile with dental implant supported dental crown

Missing Single Tooth

Instead of filing down the teeth near the missing one so they can support a bridge, we can instead place a single implant into the mouth and top it with a crown, leaving the remaining dental structure untouched.

Animated smile with dental implant supported fixed bridge

Missing Multiple Teeth

Normally, a bridge designed to replace several teeth is stabilized using two crowns fitted over nearby healthy teeth. Instead, an implant bridge is attached to two implants, making it much stronger and more durable compared to a traditional prosthetic.

Animated smile with dental implant supported denture

Missing All Teeth

All it takes is just four to six implants to secure a full denture to the jawbone to restore an entire row of teeth at once. Implant dentures are multiple times stronger than traditional removable ones, plus they allow patients to eat hard-to-chew foods that are usually considered to be “off-limits” for denture wearers.

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Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Dentist showing patient a model dental implant supported dental crown

The cost of your dental implant procedure will depend on a few key factors, namely how many teeth you need to be replaced, what kind of restoration will be used, and the position of the implants within the mouth. We’ll cover all of these details during your initial consultation, and we’ll also discuss how you can use financing to break up the cost so that your treatment is easily affordable.