Some Serious Pain: Is Your Toothache a Dental Emergency?

April 18, 2024

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A woman suffering a severe toothache

It’s pretty normal to have tooth pain once in a while. This discomfort is often harmless and usually not a cause for concern. Even so, you should still consider a crucial question: Is your toothache a dental emergency? Your pain could be urgent and threaten your oral health. Luckily, your Mineola dentist is here to address the matter. Here’s why toothaches are sometimes dental emergencies, what may happen if they go untreated, and how urgent dental care could help.

It All Depends on the Cause

Not every toothache is a dental emergency. Whether your tooth’s pain is an urgent issue depends on its cause.

Toothaches that stem from minor problems aren’t a big deal. For instance, a tooth that feels slightly sore from dental work is usually fine. Its discomfort should fade within a day or two. Similarly, some mild sensitivity after eating hot or cold foods isn’t dire. That points to something you can have assessed at your next dental checkup.

On the other hand, toothaches caused by severe issues need care at once. Examples of such conditions are:

  • A Severe Tooth Infection
  • Advanced Tooth Decay
  • A Facial Injury or Accident
  • Chipped or Broken Teeth

What May Happen If You Don’t Get Treatment?

Given its potential cause(s), you should see an emergency dentist for your toothache. The risks of leaving it untreated are too great.

You see, what starts as just pain can quickly become worse. Your aching tooth may develop (if it hasn’t already) an infection in its pulp. Should that happen, you’ll eventually lose it if you leave it alone. The infecting bacteria could also spread to other body parts and cause major health problems. You’d be at high risk of sepsis – a life-threatening issue – in that case.

Given these facts, you shouldn’t hesitate with your toothache. The best move is to call a qualified dentist and book an emergency visit.

How an Emergency Dentist Can Help

Once you arrive for care, an emergency dentist will quickly find your toothache’s source. They’ll then treat the core problem and give you much-needed relief.

Dentists have various ways to treat toothaches. If the cause is a minor issue, they may prescribe (or suggest) toothpaste for sensitive teeth and other oral care items. They can also treat aches caused by severe conditions with services like:

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Fillings
  • TMD Therapy

So, is a toothache a dental emergency? Maybe – that’s why you should take it seriously. To that end, talk to your dental provider as soon as possible.

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