Dental Damage: 3 Foods Known to Injure Your Teeth

November 14, 2023

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Illustration of a tooth fractured all over

Have you ever bitten into something, felt a sudden pain, and realized you may have broken your tooth? A chipped tooth is not only uncomfortable, but it can be costly to repair. No one wants to find themselves in this kind of dental emergency, but accidents can happen anytime. Though you can’t plan when one will occur, you can avoid putting yourself in the scenario to begin with. Keep reading to learn about 3 foods that are known to injure your teeth so you can prevent a potential problem!

Food #1: Hard Candy

Hard candies like Jolly Ranchers, Lemon Drops, and Jawbreakers can damage your teeth in more ways than one. Firstly, the sugar content attracts harmful bacteria that produce acid that contributes to tooth decay. Because it takes a long time for candy to dissolve in your mouth, you’re exposing your pearly whites to the sweet ingredient longer than necessary. You could develop a cavity if you consume too many. Not only that, but if you try biting them to consume them more quickly, they could fracture a tooth because they are not intended to be eaten this way. Steer clear of hard candies if you want to keep your teeth happy.

Food #2: Nuts

While nuts do provide some nutrients like protein, healthy fats, and fiber, they’re not particularly good for your grin. In many cases, they’re only available in their shells and must be pried open. Though they shouldn’t, people tend to use their teeth as tools to get to the meaty centers. Over time, you could notice the edges thinning with this kind of improper usage, and eventually, they could become so worn that they break. To dodge danger, you might choose nuts that are already shelled, but you still wouldn’t be entirely in the clear. Nuts are often covered by a natural casing or thin skin layer like peanuts have. This can easily lodge between your teeth or below your gums, causing discomfort and irritation.

Food #3: Meat with Bones

While barbecued chicken wings and ribs are incredibly delicious dishes, they pose problems for your pearly whites. Many people become careless in their overexcitement to enjoy these tender meats and bite with full force right into the bone which can crack a tooth. You can try eating them in soups or salads, instead, but be careful even then. Small bits of bone are known to break free and become a hazard.

Avoiding these foods can prevent a potential dental dilemma which keeps both your smile and your bank account happy!

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