3 Things Your Dentist Says to Keep Away from Your Teeth

May 13, 2024

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If they’ve been in the field long enough, most dentists have seen just about every dental emergency that there is. They’re acutely aware of what can damage the teeth and just how serious these issues can get, which is why there are some things that your dentist will never let anywhere near their teeth.

Here are a few examples of things that everyone should avoid eating, tasting, or putting in their mouth if they want to avoid a serious dental emergency.


Most people are well aware of how awful cigarettes can be for their health in general, but it’s worth talking a little bit about how disastrous they can be for your oral health in particular. Tobacco smoke can stain the teeth, damage the gums, and exacerbate existing diseases to such an extent that they can become serious dental emergencies.

Hard Candy

If you’ve talked to a dentist at any point in your life, you’re probably well aware of how awful candy is for your teeth. However, hard candy in particular can cause serious problems for your smile if you aren’t careful.

For one, it’s all too easy to accidentally bite down on a hard candy and chip a tooth as a consequence. These sweets also need to sit in your mouth for a long time in order to fully dissolve, which means that the sugar has even more time to feed the bacteria in your mouth. For this reason, hard candy is an absolute disaster for your oral health and should be avoided as much as possible.

Bottle Caps

A common party trick, especially in frat houses, is to open a bottle with the teeth. While this might look impressive to some, it’s an absolutely awful thing to try and emulate.

Metal bottle caps are harder than your teeth by their very nature. If one of them happens to be a little bit stubborn, or if you try this trick incorrectly, they can very easily take a chunk out of your tooth. If you need to open a bottle, use the proper tool for the job—your dentist will thank you.

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