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If cracked, chipped, misshapen, or discolored teeth mar your smile, you’re not destined to hide it behind closed lips forever. At Meadowbrook Dental Care, Miguel A. Casañas Jr., DDS, and Publio Silfa, DDS, are both highly trained in cosmetic dentistry and offer a full range of services to improve your smile at their Mineola, New York, office. Call today to schedule your initial consultation or book online.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

Which cosmetic dental treatments are available?

At Meadowbrook Dental Care, Dr. Casañas and Dr. Silfa offer a variety of cosmetic dental services, including:

  • White spot removal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Smile makeovers
  • InvisalignⓇ
  • Tooth repair

Whether you’re looking to brighten your teeth before a big event or you’ve recently chipped a tooth, Meadowbrook Dental Care has you covered.

Dr. Casañas and Dr. Silfa have the experience and know-how to restore or even improve your smile, boosting your confidence. Plus, they use the iTeroⓇ Element™ Intraoral Scanner in creating impressions of your mouth, so you never have to deal with that gooey, gag-inducing gel.

When your dentist completes your cosmetic procedures, your oral health also improves. Your teeth are straighter and more supportive, reducing your risk of bone loss and improving the efficiency of brushing and flossing. 

Can you remove white spots from your teeth?

Dr. Casañas and Dr. Silfa use the cutting-edge Icon from DMGⓇ America to treat white spots that develop on teeth. Decalcification of your tooth’s enamel often cause these spots, and without treatment, they can degrade your tooth.

A painless and noninvasive procedure, the Icon penetrates these spots with a fluid that restores the tooth and stops the lesion from growing. No drills or anesthesia are necessary, and Dr. Casañas and Dr. Silfa usually restore the spot during a single office visit.

Your dentist applies a 15% hydrochloride gel to open your tooth’s pores over the white spot before administering Icon, which penetrates these pores and removes the spot. They then use a light to cure the tooth, completing the procedure.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover uses a variety of cosmetic dental procedures to enhance the look and feel of your smile. Your smile makeover can restore cracked or chipped teeth, make misshapen teeth uniform, or whiten discolored teeth. Dr. Casañas and Dr. Silfa can even replace missing teeth, close gaps, or straighten teeth, giving you a smile you’re confident in.

To give you the best results from your smile makeover, your dentist addresses any underlying issues before the restorative procedure begins. That may include getting cavities filled, treating periodontal disease, or having your wisdom teeth removed.

From porcelain veneers to professional teeth whitening, you can finally get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with cosmetic dentistry at Meadowbrook Dental Care. Call today to schedule your initial consultation or book online.