Are You Making These Common Toothbrushing Mistakes?

You Use the Wrong Toothbrush

Have you gone to get a new toothbrush only to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available on the market today? You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, spinning brush heads, lights, and more. Most dentists agree that it doesn’t matter what brush you choose as long as the bristles are soft and the brush is the right size for your mouth. The bristles need to be able to bend and gently get under your gum line while not being too harsh or abrasive. The brush head should fit comfortably in your mouth and be able to reach all of your tooth surfaces. Picking the right brush will set you up for brushing success!

You Go Too Fast

Brushing your teeth may not be your favorite activity, but taking your time can help you keep your teeth clean and healthy. You should be brushing two times a day, for two minutes each time, and using a timer or listening to music can help you to not cut it short. Being consistent and diligent to brush for this much time each day ensures that your teeth will be clean, and that plaque will not form and lead to decay.

You Scrub

While brushing your teeth has been compared to scrubbing pots and pans, going in too hard can lead to swollen and bleeding gums, and wear away at your tooth enamel. It doesn’t take brute force to get plaque off of your teeth, it just takes time and the right technique. Instead of scrubbing your toothbrush back and forth horizontally across your teeth, you should massage your teeth with your brush in small, circular motions, moving up and down your teeth. Make sure you get each tooth’s top, bottom, and sides!

You Forget the Gums

While it is called “brushing your teeth”, you really should be including the gums in your brushing routine. Bacteria love to grow in the area where the teeth meet the gum line, and that is why it is necessary to have a flexible brush that can clean this area. Cleaning just a millimeter or two under the gumline will keep this area clean, and holding your brush at a 45 degree angle will help you get in this small space. Make sure you are brushing your gum line on the tongue-side of your mouth as well, which can often get neglected.

You Don’t Brush

This seems shocking, but one in 10 adults admit that they don’t regularly brush their teeth, and one in four doesn’t brush twice a day. One in three people admit to NEVER having flossed their teeth! Not brushing your teeth is an invitation for cavities, pain, and expensive dental work down the road. No matter what your past dental habits have been, start today with regular brushing (and brushing the right way) and you will keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright! Don’t forget the importance of regular dental checkups as well, and if you need a dentist in Mineola, Meadowbrook Dental Care is here to serve you!

Dr. Miguel Casanas, Jr. Dr. Casañas has worked and trained extensively to build a practice that exceeds your expectations of trusted, personalized dental care. He consistently brings his patients only the best that modern dentistry has to offer by keeping himself and his staff informed on the latest advances and available techniques.

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