Waking Up With Headaches? You May Need a Night Guard

If you keep waking up with a headache, you might be clenching or grinding your jaw when you sleep. Many people tense their mouth and jaw while sleeping. A night guard protects your mouth through the night, letting you rest comfortably and wake pain-free. At Meadowbrook Dental Care, we offer custom-fitted mouthguards for patients of all ages in the Mineola, New York, area. Once you've got your unique night guard, you'll be able to rest comfortably all night, protecting your teeth and letting you wake pain-free.

Nighttime grinding

For many people, mouths and jaws keep working during the night. Some clench their jaws, while others grind their teeth. Grinding or clenching your teeth is known as bruxism. Often, oral activity during sleep happens because of daytime stresses. Many children also work their mouths as they sleep, regardless of other stress factors.

Bruxism causes damage to several parts of your body. The pressure and tension can lead to headaches, causing you to wake up feeling pain in your neck and face. Grinding your teeth can lead to dental damage, as well. Your teeth wear away at an increased rate, and can even break or crack under the strain.

A custom guard

Using a night guard at night rests your jaw and protects your teeth. While you can get over-the-counter night guards that you boil in water to heat and shape, a custom night guard specifically shaped to your mouth and teeth will give you the highest degree of comfort.

Meadowbrook Dental Care provides patients with expertly fitted custom guards. First, we create a mold of your teeth. The mold lets us cast the special material for your guard in exactly the right shape to support your unique dental needs. For patients who need overnight protection, we recommend a Nocturnal Bite Plate or Bite Splint Mouth Guard. While we typically only give you a plate for your upper teeth, we can also make a lower teeth guard for patients who need one.

With your custom mouthguard, you'll be able to rest without disturbance, confident that you won't have a headache when you wake up. If you're ready to see how a night guard can improve your sleep and protect your dental health, contact Meadowbrook Dental Care today.  Miguel A. Casañas Jr., DDS, and Publio Silfa, DDS, are experienced in making custom mouthguards. You can trust them to cover your oral health care needs. To make your appointment, call our office, or conveniently book online.

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